About Synergy

Formed in 2005 as IT Consultants focusing on Application Development, website development, and Brand Management. Synergy is evolution from its strong roots in information technology industry to modern technologies with intention to bring our customers in the exciting fields of Internet of things (IoT), , Security, Surveillance , Disaster Recovery Consulting, Enterprise Network, data solutions, and industry compliance.


Synergy Values


Authenticity and Integrity will bring quality and value that will secure our success. We will by our integrity and core values to have fun, take pride in our work, and maintain work environment where people enjoy working, to serve our customers, and build relationships. Our core values will allow us to be profitable and charitable.


Synergy will bridge the digital divide using data analysis and intelligence to bring oneness in business decision making to benefit our customer, partners, and employees


To give SMB the chance to bring intelligence and agility same way big companies with smart use of their existing resources with creative solutions.


Synergy has demonstrated high degree of flexibility, commitment and service orientation that has let us exceed our goals. Their commitment, dedication, and focus on execution and delivery have become cornerstone for our business success.

Doug Frankel, President/CEO – BC Media, Inc