Blogging….Tips to Help Your Voice Get Out There

Have you struggled to get traffic to your blog? Looked at your Analytics only to find users were only on the blog for 30 seconds to a minute? In today’s culture blogging is difficult. There are roughly 2.13 million blogs posted daily. With this much competition, our voice becomes crowded with every other person.

There is hope. Here at Synergy Creative Solution’s, we have found some good tips to follow for blogging. Tips that will help get your voice out there and get readers.

Step 1: Creating or finding a good idea and validating it.

In order to start blogging, we first need to know what the topic will be about. The difficult part about this is knowing whether the idea is a good one or a bad one. Bad ideas lead to our voices being covered or ignored. What we write is important as well as where we decide to publish it too. If we publish our blog article into someone else’s idea, we have less freedom on how we write. We will need to be sure that our voice is aligning with their readership and guidelines. When we post our blog article on our own site we have a lot more freedom.

There are two ways to look at writing a blog:

  1. Evergreen Content: This means the content is always relevant to the readers. The content will bring traffic on the first day it was posted as much as it will a year later. An example, a blog written on a company’s product. The company will be selling this product for a long period of time, therefore the blog content written about the product will bring traffic because readers will want to know about the product they’re possibly buying.
  2. Topical Content: This is the content that is fast pasted. The right here right now. This content will bring traffic to your site at first and as long as the topic is interesting. However, once the interest dies down the traffic to that blog will slow.

Validating our ideas is like using our voice to market our blog article. With any good marketing, we show that our product or service is worth using. Worth using more than the other products or services out there. We do this by evaluating the demand and speaking about the positives of our product or service. In this way, we can use blog writing to build content for our products and services, in order to bring traffic to our websites.

After settling on our idea for the blog article it is best to come up with a headline to focus our writing around. A working headline should give just enough focus to give us direction and structure for our blog article. Coming up with our title will come later once we have finished writing our article. The next step in blog writing will be in Synergy’s next article on blog writing titled “Crafting Our Blog Articles”.

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