Changing the Way We File Share

Microsoft’s Office 365 has a new way of storing some of our data and software. It features online computing, cloud storage, and file transfer. This article specifically addresses Office 365’s  OneDrive and SharePoint for easy business project management and online collaboration. Office 365 is a cloud computing service.

OneDrive is an internet storage platform. This is done through cloud computing. Think of OneDrive like an internet hard drive. We can also use OneDrive to share files with other people. We use Sharepoint to access files, store files, organize, and share files from any device. This is done through a web browser.

One of the most used forms of file transfers is through attaching the file to an email. Between OneDrive and Sharepoint file sharing has become much easier and more secure. Instead of attaching the file to an email we now send a link to where the file is stored. Here are some of the benefits of changing:

  1. Raising Spam Flags: Some emails will be marked as spam if a large file is attached. This means an important email may be sent to the junk folder and missed. Using OneDrive and Sharepoint will help avoid this issue.
  2. Delivery Failure: Some clients have a strict size limit for emails received. The email may not deliver due to the size. Using a link rather than attachment will help avoid this issue.
  3. Consuming Space: Sending large file attachments takes up space and can create issues. Issues like slowing down the business network, crowding one computer and catching a virus. When there is a more secure, easier way to send files, why not use it?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using OneDrive and Sharepoint is ending the cycle of creating many versions of one document. It is beneficial to have one file for a couple of reasons. We don’t actually need ten versions of the same file, this actually clogs up a business network storage. It is also more secure to have just one file that is shareable rather than ten of the same file on each computer. Let’s say the file sent is sensitive. If the file is in one location it is less likely an accident; like an employee borrowing a computer and viewing the sensitive file will happen. The file will be located in the cloud rather than the computer.

OneDrive and Sharepoint offer the benefit of being able to make changes to files all in one central location. For example, let’s say John needs a spreadsheet finished by the end of the day. John tells Joe to finish the spreadsheet because Joe’s job is spreadsheets. Joe will be able to access the spreadsheet, make all necessary changes, save the file and email John that the spreadsheet is done. John can then open the spreadsheet on his desk and see all the changes that were made.

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