Cloud Computing…. Making Business Life Simpler

Cloud Computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage and process data. Rather than a local server or a personal computer. What does all of this actually mean?

Imagine if you will, you have a website. This website stores all of your personal data files, software, as well as all of your business files. This website will allow all employees with permission to access, save, make changes to and upload any important data related to our business. All they need is a username and password. They can equally use all software that is on this website. This is the simple way to understand Cloud Computing.

What are some of the benefits of using Cloud Computing? Good question, here are some of the benefits Synergy Creative Solutions has found:

  1. Security and Flexibility that works for you: Having all of our data and software stored in one location ensures we do not overpay for software. Equally, our IT department will not have to install the software on many devices. Each employee will access the one set of software, as well as any files needed. Security comes with the one location. One person can keep an eye on all of the data much easier when it is stored in one location vs many. Cloud Computing offers this.
  2. Easy Access: For those days where work comes home with us. We no longer have to bring anything home. All that is needed is access to the Cloud where things are stored. Which can be done with most laptops and desktops, depending on how the security was set up.
  3. Save Time and Money: First having a Cloud Computing subscription can save money by removing the large initial capital and replace it with the operating expense instead. In the long run, this saves the business money. Second, most Cloud Computing subscriptions come with IT personnel to assist with any issues and maintain updates. This saves time with setting up networks and computers. Third, you won’t face large-scale upgrades or deal with software patching. Cloud Computing subscription takes care of these issues for you, saving time and money.

Here at Synergy Creative Solutions, we enjoy serving your company make the move to cloud computing. On our Services page, there is more detailed information about the services we provide. Synergy’s internal team will work with you to successfully migrate your resources to Cloud Computing. To ensure your business runs efficiently while you enjoy doing what you do best!

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