Crafting Our Blog Article’s

One good practice in blog article writing is to build a skeleton structure that helps guide the blog post, from beginning to end. This skeleton structure will also help guide your writing as you craft your article. The search engines that are out there need something from you like keywords, that need to be placed in your blog article. Having the skeleton structure will ensure things like this are included first and you can fill in the blanks with the rest of the much-needed information you need to express.

When Synergy Creative Solution begins to form their blog article’s we keep these key things in mind, before writing:

  1. What is my topic?
  2. What are some good keywords to use? Knowing these can help with crafting our paragraph structure, as the keywords must be included once in each paragraph as well as sound fluid and8 not repetitive.
  3. Who is my target audience? Knowing this will help in knowing what language to use. For example, if we are speaking to an audience of children, our language should explain things in more simple terms and equally more fun terms too.
  4. Keeping our articles word count in-between 500-1000 words. Keeping our blog articles short and to the point ensures that our readers do not become bored and leave our website. Equally, decide they won’t even give us chance because they saw the blog articles length was far too long.

The best way to look at blog article writing is to envision painting a picture with words, images, quotes, videos, and more. Crafting a blog article is less about the word count and more about the quality and imagery we can paint with the least amount of words. Crafting an article is most importantly about creating something worth sticking around to read.

Even the most skilled writers will lose some of today’s short attention spanned readers. It is, for this reason, it is important to remember during the crafting of the blog article phase, we use imagery to help. Depending on the topic of the blog article, here are some of the different types of imagery we can use:

  1. Giphy: this is an image that has a bit of animation with it.
  2. Canva: this is a graphic design tool that helps with crafting images and documents.
  3. Meme Generator: this tool helps add imagery while also adding humor to our blog articles. It uses images with words to create humor.
  4. Social Media: these are all tools that will assist with getting our blog articles out on the web.
  5. YouTube or Vine Videos: these can be embedded into our posts to help make our blogs more visually stimulating.
  6. Strategic formatting like bolding or block quoting to make important or catchy text pop out.

The last thing to keep in mind while crafting our blog articles is, “who is our target audience”. It is easier to craft an article that is appealing with less noise. There are many writers in the world who use this approach when they are attempting to craft a book. Once we have understood who the target audience is, we must then choose just one person, real or imagined to focus marketing our blog article too. Having just one person cuts out a lot of personal thought.

Once we have chosen this one person to market to our only focus should be, to help them recognize the value of what we are offering. Ensure our language is relatable to theirs, we may know our crafted blog article well, they may not. Feel a connection to your voice or style, to help ensure our readers to not get bored. All of this prep work in our crafting process as proven to be productive for Synergy. The next step in blog writing will be covered in “Editing and Optimizing Our Blogs”.

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