Infrastructure Silos

An information technology silo is a term used to describe any management system that is unable to operate or communicate with any other system. Meaning the system is closed off from other systems. A silo tends to occur, whether in a person to person manner or with our network systems when communication to one group or device is not established.

An information silo is always vertical. This makes it difficult for other unrelated systems to work with an information silo. Silos exist mainly because management does not believe there to be enough benefit from sharing information. Equally sharing the information with personnel might not be useful in other systems either. This can also create more situations than prevent. For example, if two different departments are working on a similar project and told not to communicate about the project, double the work may occur or one team may end up working against the other. This type of a situation cuts back on efficiency.

One thing that helps get rid of a silo is when a business changes its thinking from fear to trust-based. The positive part of managing an information silo is increasing the trust which can encourage employee morale and increase efficiency.

When there is more trust within a business more authority can be delegated and handled more efficiently. Employees work harder for the companies they work for when they know they are trusted and seen as a vital part of the team. When an information silo is managed or removed, our employees are given more responsibilities towards the system.

Managing an information silo helps increase efficiency because we no longer have a complete system cut off from all the others. In this way when work needs to be completed or the system that is isolated needs to be communicated with, the process in which it takes to accomplish this goal will be significantly reduced. We will be removing extra steps needed to communicate or do work with the isolated system.

Synergy Creative Solutions has answers to solve information silos. We do this in an intelligent structure to serve our partners best. Typically, IT departments use multiple tools to monitor the hybrid infrastructure. This is just one more way that an information silo can be created. Check out Synergy Creative Solutions “Infrastructure Monitoring” page under the services tab to learn more about how Synergy will help end an information silo for you.

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