Malware, Just One of the Many Cyber Attacks

With technology growing, we as business owners use tools like the World Wide Web or Networks to help our businesses run efficiently. Just like cars produce pollution as a side effect, Networks also have side effects we can call security vulnerabilities. Increased internet connectivity brings about more security vulnerabilities. Cyber Attacks are exploitations of those vulnerabilities.

Businesses are at more risk for Cyber Attacks than personal home use networks, desktops or laptops. Reason being businesses have what cyber attackers are seeking after. Businesses also bear a certain amount of ethical and legal responsibility to secure data, depending on what type of data the business stores. For example, a hospital is bound by HIPPA law among others to have high network security in place due to the sensitive nature of information stored within their networks, regarding their patients.

With that said the first type of Cyber Attack we will be discussing is Malware. Malware has many different cyber threat types known as Trojans, Viruses, and Worms. Simply put Malware is malicious code intended to steal data or destroy something on the computer.

The way Cyber Attackers introduce Malware to the system is email attachments, software downloads or pirated downloads, and operating system vulnerabilities. An example of the email attachment is when an email comes in with an attachment. The attachment is actually a virus instead of what the email suggested it would be. Software or pirated downloaded from a website or third-party website can have Malware attached. The Malware will then infect our systems.

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