Unified Security Solutions

Unified Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber security is a complex challenge for any size of business in today's rapidly moving IT environment. Attacks and tools evolve every day with more sophistication and vengeance. The attackers become more inventive and creative, it is critical to properly understand cyber security in correct context and identify what constitutes good cyber security.

Why is it important for the businesses to make this a priority? Because year over year, the worldwide spend for cyber security continues to grow: 71.1 billion in 2014 (7.9% over 2013), and 75 billion in 2015 (4.7% from 2014) and expected to reach 101 billion by 2018. Organizations are beginning to understand that malware is a publicly available as commodity to make anyone with a computer to become a cyber attacker. There are many companies offer security solutions that are standalone and do very little to look at this threat as a whole. This demands focus, dedication, and awareness.  There is a need for unified solution that integrated these standalone solutions into one coherent system tailored to business needs

Cyber security must protect the data and integrity of computing assets belonging to or connecting to an organization’s network. Its purpose is to defend those assets against all threat actors throughout the entire life cycle of a cyber attack.

Top 10 Cyber Security Challenges

  1. Kill chains
  2. Zero-day attacks
  3. Ransomware
  4. Alert fatigue and Social engineering
  5. Malware with worm capabilities
  6. Budgetary constraints
  7. Shadow Brokers tools
  8. Adapting the firewall to face new threats
  9. Monitoring Cloud Configuration and Security
  10. Operationalization (GDPR)

Top 10 Best Practices for Cyber Security

  1. Implementing a formal information security governance approach by documenting your cyber security policies and playbook
  2. Detect Insider Threats
  3. Stop data loss by regularly Backing Up All Data
  4. Beware of Social Engineering
  5. Educate and Train Your Users
  6. Outline Clear Use Policies for New Employees and 3rd Parties
  7. Update Software and Systems, install reputable anti-malware software
  8. Maintain Compliance
  9. Plan for mobile devices (BYOD)
  10. Enforce safe password practices along with multi-factor identification

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