Unified Infrastructure Monitoring

Without IT no organization will survive in today’s challenging times. In today's challenging IT infrastructure implementations, IT becomes necessity to proactively monitor devices on premise, in the cloud, or BYOD by contractors and employees.

To keep business operations up and running, need for an IT solutions which can provide real-time insights into IT operations is necessity of the hour. Common IT Problems may have an impact on connectivity, services productivity, and business profitability.

Does your management looking for answers to these questions?

  • Are we monitoring firewall logs?
  • Who is consuming the most bandwidth?
  • Who accessed and modified confidential files?
  • Do we have details of AD accounts which got locked today?
  • Do we know which SLA is up for renewal?
  • Do we know which hardware needs maintenance or replacement due to end of life?

What can you do with our help?

  • Keep track of number and type of exceptions generated
  • Track number of connections denied with detailed analysis
  • Analyse number of connections established and access policies accessed
  • Protocol wise analysis of traffic flow and network performance
  • Monitoring DoS attacks
  • Support for Fortinet, Cyberoam, SonicWALL, Sophos, Checkpoint, Cisco, Juniper and many other firewalls.
  • Monitor leading vendors of virtualization and cloud platforms

Make your IT Operations Smarter, Reliable and Efficient

  • Troubleshoot & Automate
  • Predict & Prevent
  • Correlate & Maximize
  • Explore & Analyse
  • Operational & Business Insights
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Increased Productivity
  • Preemptive actions Vs Reactive actions
  • Reduce ROI

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Break the infrastructure silos intelligently

Too many tools leave no real control.Typically IT teams use multiple tools to monitor the hybrid infrastructure, which leads to information silos.  Eliminate issues before it becomes difficult to manage by proactively fight with threats with event correlation analytics.

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